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Name Introduction Size Downloads Update Download
xLogicSoft-V3.4.1.8-Setup.rar xlogic program software(FBD program mode) for PR&ELC&EXM series CPU. Ver: 23.63MB 2558 2021-03-25 Download
xLadder-Setup_20210120.rar Ladder&STL programming software, can be applied to PR-12,PR-14, PR-18,PR-24,PR-12/18N CPUs. 26.34MB 3630 2021-02-26 Download
easyScade_V1.5.1.7.part1.rar Download the 2-part file and extract to get the complete installation package. 24.00MB 709 2019-12-11 Download
easyScade_V1.5.1.7.part2.rar Download the 2-part file and extract to get the complete installation package. 20.54MB 599 2019-12-11 Download
MySQL-Setup_20181218.part1.rar Please download the two parts of MySQ. 24.00MB 298 2019-06-24 Download
MySQL-Setup_20181218.part2.rar Decompress any one on the PC to get the complete installation package. 10.67MB 280 2019-06-24 Download
eSms Config_V2.4.8.4 Setup.rar EXM series CPU program software 16.84MB 4602 2018-10-12 Download
RTS series screen USB-Driver-0.0.1.zip RTS series screen USB driver 8.05MB 663 2017-11-23 Download
TPConfig_en.zip Configure software for RTP1043 Text panel 3.57MB 561 2017-11-22 Download
DeviceManager for Ethernet CPU.rar Ethernet modem configuration software for Ethernet CPU 2.20MB 1496 2016-05-09 Download
Example programs for xlogic.rar Example programs for xlogic, open them with xlogicsoft 799KB 1622 2016-01-08 Download
xLogicApp_v1.3.4.apk Andriod App for Ethernet /WIFICPU 1.30MB 1497 2015-09-18 Download
xLogic operate panel soft-TP200.rar ELC-MD204L text panel configuration software 3.06MB 900 2015-09-18 Download
USB driver(64 bits WINDOWS OP system).rar ELC-USB driver(64 bits WINDOWS OP system) 266KB 2529 2015-09-18 Download
USB DRIVER(32 bit WINDOWS OP system).rar ELC-USB driver( 32 bit WINDOWS OP system) 266KB 1407 2015-09-18 Download

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