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switching power supply ELC-AL series

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output voltage:

ELC-AS/AL Series Switching Power Supply highlights at a glance:

◆EMI filter condenser
◆Input frequency:47~63HZ
◆Output voltage stability:0.5%
◆Can be used for DIN rail mounting (EN50022-35)
◆Wide range voltage input(100~240VAC/140~340VDC)
◆Ripple voltage tolerance range(85-264VAC/120-370VDC)
◆Output voltage fine adjustment range(-5% ~+10%),adjusting potentiometer V
◆Have the function of soft-start(to limit the peak current of start and the pressure of the voltage to the components)
◆The current of the load can be roughly adjusted (Means the maximum protective current of the load, adjusting
    potentiometer A)
◆Insulation voltage endurance:>1.5KV
◆Power supply output with the LED indicator
◆Have the short circuit and over-load protection.(Short circuit protection means miss-connect the output voltage in short,
   after disconnect, the output will be renew; Over-load protection: 105%-135%)
◆ With the UPS function. (External-connected battery, provide with the UPS by the power supply and the battery.)
◆With the remote control function. (By the switch control the having and non-having of the output voltage).
◆With the over-heat protection function.(The main control CMOS chip stops output when the temperature is beyond 135C
   and the output will renew automatically when the temperature reduces.

ELC-AL Series Switching Power Supply
Model ELC-05AL ELC-12AL ELC-24AL
Voltage(V) DC5V DC12V DC24V
Current(A) 10A 6A 3A
Dimensions(WxHxD) 126mm*106mm*65mm
Installation Standard 35mm DIN (EN50022-35)
Gamut voltage 100-240VAC/140-340VDC
Ripple voltage tolerance range 85-264VAC/120-370VDC
Input frequency 47-63HZ
Out voltage stability ≤±0.5%
Ripple ≤150mVp-p
Operation Temperature -25℃ to +70℃
Efficiency >80%

Installation Dimensions 


Using Methods:(Taking ELC-24AL as example) 

  1. General operation:

         Fig.3.1 General application
Operation Step:

  1.Twist firmly the short-circuit block of the switch terminal. (If the switch or the short-circuit is off, the switch power
     have no output).
  2.Adjusting potentiometer (A) and rotate it to the end clockwise.
  3.Connect the power(100-240VAC/140-340VDC)
  4.Adjusting potentiometer(V) to make the voltage of the output terminal is +-24VDC
  5.Connect the load in the output terminal (Pay attention to the straight polarity and negative polarity and the maximum
      working current must be<=3A.)

      2.Remote control

Attn: Externally-Connect the switch terminal, remote the switch to control output voltage having or non-having. 
Operation step:

  1. Remove the short circuit block from the switch terminal and replace it with a switch K1

  2. Adjusting potentiometer (A) and rotate it to the clockwise. 

  3. Connect the power(100-240V/140-340VDC)

  4. Adjusting potentiometer(V) to make the output terminal voltage is +-24VDC(Close the switch K1)

  5. Load(Working current <=3A)

  6. Close the switch K1, no voltage output.

                          Fig 3.2 Remote control application

                3.Using UPS function:

Attn:If the load can provide with UPS voltage methods, then you can use this function. 
 (Attn: the connection of the positive and negative pole)

Operation Step:
  1.Twist firmly the short circuit block of the switch terminal.(If the switch short-circuit block is off, the switch can not
  2.Adjusting potentiometer (A) and rotate it to the end of the clockwise.
  3.Connect the power(100-240VAC/140-340VDC)
  4.Adjusting potentiometer (V) to make the output voltage is +24VDC(Due to ELC-12AS/AL to make the output voltage
      is 12V)
  5.Disconnect the AC/DC power wire.
  6.Connect the switch and fuse wire and the battery according to the positive pole and the negative pole marked on the
  7.Connect the power(100-240VAC/140-340VDC)( If the battery voltage is over +24V, you need to adjust potentiometer
     (V) to make it over battery voltage)

Attn: 1). At this time the main output voltage is provided by load; BATT port charges the accumulator battery by the
             switch K2 and fuse wire F1; If there is no AC/DC voltage input, battery power supply the load by the internal
              circuit, the Maximum working current <=3A.
       2).At this time the main output voltage provided by load is more 24V.
4.Using Remote control and UPS simultaneously

Attn: Using remote control and UPS simultaneously, the using method is combined by the method 2 and the method 3 
        as below:


(Attn:the connection of the positive an negative pole)
(Fig3.4 Using remote control and UPS simultaneously application)

ELC-AL Series Switching Power Supply
Model Voltage(V) Current(A)  Gamut voltage Gross Weight(G)
ELC-05AL DC5V 10A 100-240VAC/140-340VDC 500
ELC-12AL DC12V 6A 100-240VAC/140-340VDC 500
ELC-24AL DC24V 3A 100-240VAC/140-340VDC 500

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