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RTP1043 RTP1043
RTP1043 RTP1043



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4.3 Inch Programmable display/Text Panel (RTP1043) highlight at a glance
A. 32 Bit 72MHz ARM RISC CPU is used, ARM CORTEX-M3, fluent interface running.
B. Standard COM0: RS232/485/422, COM1: RS232 double-line communication, and it can work with different PLCs or controllers.
C. PLC communication supports automatic batch reading, with fast communication speed.
D. Configuration can be downloaded rapidly by USB connection, convenient for testing, upgrading and batch production.
E. Metal shrapnel film button, with long shelf-life nearly several million times.
F. Equipped with full standard real-time clock.
G. Wide working temperature, from -20~70C.
H. Intuitive design- Seeing is getting.
I. Supporting offline simulation function, convenient procedure testing.
J. Supporting Windows and vector fonts, can input or indicate any language. Minimum 6*8 lattice can be supported for English input. Minimum 12*12 lattice can be supported for Chinese input. Maximum 5 lines of Chinese characters can be indicated. Maximum 8 lines of English characters can be indicated. Maximum 32*32 lattice can be supported.
K. PLC communication supports automatic batch reading, with high communication speed.
L. Supporting multi-language input and the input and indication of languages under any operation system.
M. Supporting 8-level user password levels and separate password level setting.
N. Powerful function keys, supporting values setting, increasing or decreasing, images skipping, entering or leaving etc setting function.
O. Adding ASCII indicating components, supporting the indication of English and Number online, convenient for serial NO. and code indication etc.
P. Supporting events registering, alarm supporting level position and characters trigger, can customize alarm information nimbly.
Q. Directly connection with Siemens S7-300 without adapters.
Model RTP1043
Technical parameter Display 4.3” STN
Resolution(WxH): 192x64
Colors Mono (Yellow-green backlight,black font)
Brightness 60cd/m⊃2;
Backlight LED
Backlight Life 50000 hours

Memory 256K Flash
RTC Built-in
Ethernet N/A
USB port 1 USB Device
Download project USB device
COM Port COM0:RS232/RS485/RS422; COM1:RS232
SD Card N/A
Electrical Specifications Power Consumption < 4W
Input Power DC 12/24V,Input Range:DC 9V~36V
Power Protection Isolated power supply,protected from thunderstrike and surging
Power down allowed < 5ms
CE Complied with EN61000-6-2:2005, EN61000-6-4:2007,CE
RoHS RoHS, Surge Immunity:±1KV, EFT:±2KV; ESD:4KV, Air:8KV
Environment Specifications
Operating Temperature: 0~45C
Storage Temperature: -20~70C
Operating Humidity: 10~90%RHno condensate

Vibration Endurance:
10~25HzXYZ direction 2G/30 minutes
Degree of Protection: Front IP65(with NEMA panel),Back IP20
Shell Material: ABS
Panel Cutout: 165×86mm
Dimension: 185.8×96.2×35.6mm
Weight: About 430g

Power terminals:
Pin1    DC24V
Pin2  0V
Pin3 FG
COM1/COM3 Communication Ports
Pin1 Rx-(B
Pin2 RxD_PLC (COM1 RS232)
Pin3 TxD_PLC (COM1 RS232)
Pin4 Tx+
Pin5 GND
Pin6 Rx+(A)
Pin7 RxD_PC/PLC (COM3 RS232)
Pin8 TxD_PC/PLC (COM3 RS232)
Pin9 Tx+

Dimension and Installation Guide
Dimension of RTP1043  (L*W*H): 1 85 ×9 6 × 3 6 (mm).
Dimension of the installation hole is 165x 86 (mm)

Four ferric installation screws are included in the accessory package of RTP1043 . There are four rectangular holes for fixing the RTP1043  on the two sides of the RTP1043 , two on the top and two on the bottom. Fix the RTP1043  in the hole on the controlling cabinet with the screws. The procedure is listed as below :
a.  Make a rectangular hole on the front panel of the controlling cabinet according to the dimension in the figure above .
b.  Insert  the  displayer bottom into the hole  of the cabinet.
c,  Insert the screws into the fixing hole on the flanks of the RTP1043  and fasten them;
d.  Connect the displayer  and the COM port of PLC with a cable. The cable can be provided by the manufacturer of the RTP1043  or be made by the user according to the Connection Guide provided in this manual. Switch on the 24-V DC power supply to start the system.
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