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RI9000-4T Series 380V Three Phase Frequency Inverter

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  • RI9000-4T0015G/4T0022P



RI9000 series is the new generation products to meet general purpose and special technical demand. The new designed sensorless vector control performance of RI9000 inverter have improved the reliability at low speed, the overload capacity at low frequency and high control precision at open loop tension control mode. Its function of anti-trip and strong adaptability to worse grid, temperature, humidity and dust make it meet the high-performance requirement of the customer application.
RI9000 series inverters built-in RS 485 interface which can use software upload, download and monitoring the parameter of inverter. Built-in PID, 16 multi-speed, traverse control can realize various complicate high-accuracy drives and widely apply in Textile, paper industry, machine tool, package, printing, pump and fan. 

Technical Features:

Items Specifications
Input Rated Voltage Three phase 380V / 415V / 440V/460V; 50Hz/60Hz
Range Voltage: ±20% voltage unbalance rate:<3%; frequency: ±5%
Output Rated voltage 0~380V / 415V / 440V/460V
Frequency range 0Hz5000Hz
Frequency resolution 0.01Hz
Overload ability 150% rated current for1minute, 180% rated current for3 seconds
Control function
Torque control accuracy ±5%FVC
Control mode V/F, Sensorless vector control (SVC), Speed Sensor vector control (FVC)
Frequency accuracy Digital setting:  The highest frequency×± 0.01% Analog setting: The highest frequency ×±0.2%
Frequency resolution Digital setting: 0.01Hz; Analog setting: The highest frequency× 0.1%
Start frequency 0.40Hz20.00Hz
Torque boost Auto torque boost, manual torque boost 0.1%~30.0%
V/F curve Five ways: constant torque V/F curve, 1 kind of user defined
V/F curve ,3 kinds of down torque curve (2.0/1.7/1.2times the power)
Acc./Dec. curve Two ways: linear Acc./Dec., S-curve Acc./Dec.;7 kinds of Acc./Dec. time, Time unit(minute/second) optional, max. time: 6000 minutes.
DC braking DC Braking Frequency: 000Hz~ Max Frequency      Braking Time: 0.0s~36.0s    
Braking Action Current Value: 0.0%~100.0%
Energy consuming  braking Below 22KW drive built-in energy consuming braking unit, 30-37KW built-in braking unit optional, external braking resistor is optional.
Jog running Jog frequency range:0.1Hz~50.00Hz, JOG Acc./Dec. time: 0.1~60.0s
Build-in Double PID Easily constitute a close loop control system
Multi-stage speed  running Max 16 multi-stage speed running via build-in PLC or control terminals
Textile swing frequency Swing frequency available with preset and central frequency adjustable
Auto voltage regulation Keep a stable voltage automatically when the grid voltage transients
Auto energy saving running Saving energy by auto optimizing V/F curve according to the load
Auto current limiting Auto current limiting to prevent frequent over current fault trip
Multi pumps control With water supply card, the function can implement multi pumps constant pressure water supply
Communication 4 field bus: Modbus, Profibus, CANlink, CANopen
Running command channel Control panel:  control terminal :serial port :3 channels switchable
Frequency setting channel Control panel potentiometer setting:  ▲▼control panel keys setting; Function code setting: Serial port setting; Terminal up/down setting: Input Analog voltage setting: Input Analog current setting: Input pulse setting; Combination ways setting;
Above ways are switchable.
Input channel 8 digital input terminals, 1 of which supports up to 100KHZ high speed pulse input
2 analog input terminals, 1 support 0~10V voltage input
1 support 0~10V voltage input or 0~20mA current input
Output channel 1 high-speed pulse output terminal (optional open collector type), supporting square wave signal output of 0~100Khz
1 digital output terminal
2 relay output terminals (≥5.5kw), one relay below 5.5kw
2 analog output terminals, support 0~20mA current output or 0~10V voltage output (≥5.5kw 2 terminals) 5.5kw 1 terminal
Control panel LED digital display Display setting frequency, output voltage, output current, etc.
External meter display Display output frequency, output current, output voltage, etc.
Key lock All the keys can be locked
Parameter copy Function code parameters can be copied between          inverters when use remote control panel
Protection function Over current tprotection: overvoltageprotection:undervoltageprotection:overheating  protection: overload protection, etc.
Input phase loss protection ( model>2.2kw)
Optional parts Braking unit: remote control panel: cable: panel mounting feet, etc.
Environment Environment Indoors, free from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, oil mist, steam, water dropper salt, etc
Altitude Lower than 1000m (derating is necessary above 1000m)
Ambient temperature -10℃~+40℃
Humidity < 90%RH, no condensation
Vibration Lower than 5.9m/s  (0.6g)
Storage temperature -20℃~+60℃
Structure Protection level IP20In the selection of state display unit or the keyboard state
Cooling Forced air cooling
 Installation Wall mounted; Floor mounted

Model No:

Model Rated
Rated output
G Type P Type
RI9000-4T0007G RI9000-4T0015P 1.5 2.5 0.75
RI9000-4T0015G RI9000-4T0022P 2.5 4.0 1.5
RI9000-4T0022G RI9000-4T0022P 3.0 6.0 2.2
RI9000-4T0037G RI9000-4T0037P 5.9 9.6 3.7
RI9000-4T0055G RI9000-4T0055P 8.5 14.0 5.5
RI9000-4T0075G RI9000-4T0075P 11 17.0 7.5
RI9000-4T0110G RI9000-4T0110P 17 25 11
RI9000-4T0150G RI9000-4T0150P 21.7 32 15
RI9000-4T0185G RI9000-4T0185P 25.7 39 18.5
RI9000-4T0220G RI9000-4T0220P 29.6 45 22
RI9000-4T0300G RI9000-4T0300P 39.5 60 30
RI9000-4T0370G RI9000-4T0370P 49.4 75 37
RI9000-4T0450G RI9000-4T0450P 60 91 45
RI9000-4T0550G RI9000-4T0550P 73.7 112 55
RI9000-4T0750G RI9000-4T0750P 99 150 75
RI9000-4T0900G RI9000-4T0900P 116 176 90
RI9000-4T1100G RI9000-4T1100P 138 210 110
RI9000-4T1320G RI9000-4T1320P 167 253 132
RI9000-4T1600G RI9000-4T1600P 200 304 160
RI9000-4T1850G RI9000-4T1850P 234 355 187
RI9000-4T2000G RI9000-4T2000P 248 377 200
RI9000-4T2200G RI9000-4T2200P 280 426 220
RI9000-4T2500G RI9000-4T2500P 318 474 250
RI9000-4T2800G RI9000-4T2800P 342 520 280
RI9000-4T3150G RI9000-4T3150P 390 600 315
RI9000-4T3500G RI9000-4T3500P 435 660 350
RI9000-4T4000G RI9000-4T4000P 493 750 400
RI9000-4T4500G RI9000-4T4500P 560 850 450
RI9000-4T5000G RI9000-4T5600P 625 860 500
RI9000-4T5600G RI9000-4T6300P 691 990 560
RI9000-4T6300G RI9000-4T7100P 770 1100 630

0.75~7.5KW (Wall mounting)

Inverter Model W1
Mount hole
G Type P Type
RI9000 series/Input voltage:  220V single phase
74 85 144 142 113 Φ5
RI9000-2S0022G 88 98 174 184 135 Φ5
RI9000 series/Input voltage: 380V three-phase
RI9000-4T0007G RI9000-4T0015P 90 104 177 190 148 Φ5
RI9000-4T0015G RI9000-4T0022P
RI9000-4T0022G RI9000-4T0037P 116 130 223 236 175 Φ5
RI9000-4T0037G RI9000-4T0055P
RI9000-4T0055G RI9000-4T0075P 155 172 256 271 183 Φ5
RI9000-4T0075G RI9000-4T0110P

11~90KW (Wall mounting)

Inverter Model W1
Mount hole
G Type P Type
RI9000 series/Input voltage: 380V three-phase
RI9000-4T0110G RI9000-4T0150P 170 226 310 325 190 Φ6
RI9000-4T0150G RI9000-4T0185P
RI9000-4T0185G RI9000-4T0220P 200 280 427 445 200 Φ6
RI9000-4T0220G RI9000-4T0300P
RI9000-4T0300G RI9000-4T0370P 200 320 512 530 235 Φ8
RI9000-4T0370G RI9000-4T0450P
RI9000-4T0450G RI9000-4T0550P 250 310 530 555 260 Φ10
RI9000-4T0550G RI9000-4T0750P
RI9000-4T0750G RI9000-4T0900P 280 400 620 650 300 Φ14
RI9000-4T0900G RI9000-4T1100P
RI9000-4T1100G RI9000-4T1320P

132~250KW (Wall mounting)

Inverter Model W1
Mount hole
G Type P Type
RI9000 series/Input voltage: 380V three-phase
RI9000-4T1320G RI9000-4T1600P 280 450 756 790 300 Φ14
RI9000-4T1600G RI9000-4T1850P
RI9000-4T1850G RI9000-4T2000P P P P P G 280 550 776 810 330 Φ14
RI9000-4T2000G RI9000-4T2200P PP G
RI9000-4T2200G RI9000-4T2500PG 480 640 776 810 350 Φ14
RI9000-4T2500G RI9000-4T2800PG
RI9000-4T2800G RI9000-4T3150PG 500 720 1150 1200 372 Φ20
RI9000-4T3150G RI9000-4T3500PG

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