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  • PR-E-AC-16DO
  • Supply volt: AC 110~240V
  • Inputs: None
  • Outputs: 15 Relays(3A,Q1-QF) +1 Relays(10A,QG)
  • Applicable CPU series: PR-14,PR-18,PR-24,PR-12N,PR-18N,PR-26N

To ensure diverse applications can be accomplished, Micro PLC also provides a wide selection of expansion modules along with its powerful CPU units, with the need of your industrial process control applications, various expansion units enhance the basic to provide additional capabilities , such as:A range of Digital and Analogue I/O RS485 connectivity...


Power supply:
Nominal voltage AC 110~240V
Operating limits AC 85~265V
The main frequency range 47-63Hz
Max. absorbed power 112mA (85V ac) ; 36mA (265V ac)
Isolation voltage 1780V AC
Protection against polarity inversions Yes
Output parameters:
Output No. 16 (Q1-QG)
Output type Relay output
Continuous current (Q1-QF) Resistive load 3A/Inductive load 1A (QG) Resistive load 10A/Inductive load 2A
Max. breaking voltage AC 250 V
DC 110 V
Max. Allowable Power Force (Q1-QF) 500VA 100W
(QG)1250VA 300W
Electrical durability Expectancy 105 Operations at Rated Resistive Load
Mechanical life 107  Operations at No Load condition
Response time Operate Time : 15 mSec. Max. Release Time : 10 mSec. Max.
Built-in protections Against short-circuits: None
Against overvoltages and overloads: None
Switch frequency:
Mechanism 10Hz
Resistor/light load 2Hz
Sensitive load 0.5Hz
Other parameters:
Operation temp -20-55
Storage temp -40-70
Weight Approx.300g

Expansions for PR-18/PR-24 PLC series
Model Supply Voltage Inputs Outputs G .W(g)
PR-E-16AC-R AC110~240V 8DI 4 relays(10A)+
PR-E-16DC-DA-R DC12V24V 8 digital/4 analog 4 relays(10A)+
PR-E-16DC-DA-TN DC12V24V 8 digital/4 analog 8 transistors(PNP) 300g
PR-E-DC-16IN DC12V24V 4 DI/AI(0~10V)+ 12 DI none 200g
PR-E-DC-16DO DC12V24V none 15 relays(3A)+1 relays(10A) 200g
PR-E- AC-16IN AC 110〜240V 16 DI none 300g
PR-E- AC-16DO AC 110〜240V none 15 relays(3A)+1 relays(10A) 300g
PR-E-AI-I DC12V 24V 4 points current
signal input0/4-20mA)
none 300g
PR-E-PT100 DC12V24V 3 routes, temp range : -50℃- 200℃ resolution:  0.5° 300g
PR-E-AQ-VI DC12V 24V None 2 routes analog outputs(0-10V /020mA signal) 300g



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