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Programmable Relay PR-6 Series (Compact Range) Overview
PR-6 Series(Smart Relay) is the entry level model of xLogic Micro PLC family,  able to process up to 64 function blocks in a single program,  also is the perfect maintenance product, and yet can adequately control a new process from the start. PR-6 Series is capable of replacing many of the discrete components(such as multiple timers, relays, contactors and counters etc) used in conventional systems, opening up a whole new range of possibilities for economical simple control solutions. PR-6 Series exclude expansion feature , NO keypad panel , NO PWM output & High Speed pulse counting capabilities, merely incorporating digital IO, clock with calendar, counters , timers, and available in 120/240VAC or 12V/24VDC  versions,Easy to configure with drag-and-drop function blocks using FREE xLogicSoft software.
Note: The following function blocks cannot be applied to PR-6 series
Constant (Cursor key,panel-key, SMS input/output, SMS message input/output),Timer(Astronomical clock, stopwatch)
Analog (Analog MUX, PI Controller, Analog Ramp, Analog Math, Analog Math error detection,Analog filter,Max/Min,Average value)),Miscellaneous(Message texts, PWM, Modbus Read, Modbus Write, Memory Write, Memory Read,Word to bit,bit to word,Device reset,comport status,RH math),App(all are not available). 
What can you expect from the xLogic PR-6 Series ?
PR-6 series is specially designed and dedicated to minimize your simple control systems costs to the bottom, in detail, it can be used to replace many of the discrete components used in conventional systems, such as timer, counter, relay, etc, or simple control applications as building and parking lot lighting,  access control, watering systems, pump  control, ventilation systems, home automation and a wide field of applications demanding low cost to be a primary design issue, opening up a whole new range of possibilities for economical solutions, and contributed to xLogic’s versatile features.

PR-6 Series CPU
Model Expansion Supply volt Inputs Outputs High-speed count PWM HMI RTC G . W(G)
PR-6AC-R       NO AC 110240V 4 DI 2 relays(10A) NO NO NO YES 180
PR-6DC-DA-R NO DC12V-24V 4 DI(I1-I4)
2 relays(10A) NO NO NO YES 180

Rievtech products compatibility table .pdf
Timers :  64
Counters :  64
Function Blocks :  64
Operation  temp. :  -20-55
Storage: -40-70
Protection :  IP20
RTC accuracy :  
MAX ±2S/day
RTC Backup at 25 °C : 20 days
Program and settings Backup :10 years
Data Power-off retentivity No
Cycle time: typ. 0.6ms to 8.0ms

Dimensions  :  48*90*64 (Unit, mm
Certificate :  CE,ROHS
Installation:  35mm-DIN rail or screw for installation
Expansion capacity :  No
Password protection  :  
4-digit number password protection or disable program upload function
Communication interface :  TTL interface , 1 Program/RS232 port
Communication protocol :  Modbus RTU/ASCII , only can serve as slaves

Technical Index

  Power supply:  
Nominal voltage AC110V-240V
Operating limits  AC85 - 265 V
The main frequency range  47-63Hz
Max. absorbed power 34 mA (85V AC)
26 mA (265V AC)
Isolation voltage 1780V AC
Protection against polarity inversions Yes
Input parameters:
Input No 4 ( I1-I4 )
Digital input  4 ( I1-I4 )
Analogue input  None
Input voltage AC110-240V
Input signal0  AC0-40V<0.03mA
Input signal1  AC79-240V  >0.06mA
Input Response Time Delay time at 0 to 1
120V AC Typ. 50 ms
240V AC :Typ. 30 ms
Delay time at 1 to 0
120V AC Typ. 90 ms 
240V AC :Typ.100 ms
Maximum counting frequency Typ. 4Hz
Sensor type Contact or 3-wire PNP
Isolation between power supply and inputs None
Isolation between inputs None
Protection against polarity inversions Yes
Output parameters:
Output No. 2 (Q1-Q2)
Output type  Relay output 
Max. Allowable Power Force CE: 10A,250V AC/DC30V
Electrical durability Expectancy 10Operations at Rated Resistive Load
Mechanical life 107 Operations at No Load condition
Response time Operate Time : 15 mSec. Max.
Release Time : 10 mSec. Max.
Built-in protections Against short-circuits: None
Against overvoltages and overloads: None
Switch frequency:
Mechanism  10Hz
Resistor/light load  2Hz
Sensitive load  0.5Hz
Other parameters:
Weight Approx.180g

Installation Dimensions  

PR-6 Series.jpg

Wiring Diagram



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