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  • PR-18AC-R
  • Supply volt: AC 110~240V
  • Inputs: 12 DI(AC)
  • Outputs: 6 DO(Relay 10A)
  • Expansion: Yes (Max 16)
Highlight of PR-18 Series 
70 ready-to use functions integrated-no additional devices such as operating hours counter required. 
Extremely large program capacity:up to 1024 functions possible.
12 digital inputs(incl 6AI with 12/24V DC)and 6 digital outputs on board. 
Flexibly expandable up to 140DI,134DO,72AI,and 32AO.
Display of message texts,actual and set-point values and direct modification of the values on the display(not on pure variants).
Integrated data retentivity-ensures backup of the current values in the event of a power failure.
Customizable Start-up page/screen.
Bool function,multiple timers,counters,PWM,PI controller,Ramp.Analog math supported. 
Can be modularly expanded up to 274 I/Os.  
230V units can be expanded with analog modules. 
Data-logging:Data from the production process can be saves in SD card of the external accessory called ELC-MEMORY to either read it with a PC or evaluate it from the SD card at the workstation.
Extremely simple software
Display of up to 128 messages.
Multiple kinds of registers can be accessed.
Parameters setting menu in LCD panel.
Parameters can be modified in the alarming message.
Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol supported.
Retentive memory capability.
Powerful communication capability(1RS232 port,1 RS485 port and 1 expansion port)
Password protection.
It’s optional for xLogic to act as salve or master in certain Modbus communication network.
Backup at Real Time Clock(RTC) at 25 ℃: 20days.
Communicate with third party device which supports Modbus network.

Timers  : 1024
Counters  : 1024
Function Blocks : 1024
Operation temp. -20℃-55℃ 
Storage :-40℃-70℃
Protection : IP20(Non-waterproof) 
RTC accuracy : MAX ±2S/day
RTC Backup at 25 °C 20 days
Program and settings Backup :10 years
Data Power-off retentivity 10 years
Modify parameters via keypad LCD:  yes
Dimensions : 95*90*55(Unitmm)
Certificate : CE
Installation : 35-DIN rail or screw for installation
Expansion capacity: 
16  modules (PR-E-16)
Password protection : 4-digit number password protection or disable program upload function
Communication interface : TTL interface , 1 RS232 port & 1 RS485 port
Communication protocol : Modbus RTU/ASCII

Technical Index

Power supply:
Nominal voltage AC110V-240V
Operating limits  AC85 - 265 V
The main frequency range  47-63Hz
Max. absorbed power 49mA (85V ac) ; 37mA (265V ac)
Isolation voltage 1780V AC
Protection against polarity inversions Yes
Input parameters:
Input No 12 ( I1-IC)
Digital input  12 ( I1-IC)
Analogue input  None
Input voltage  AC110-240V
Input signal0  AC0-40V<0.03mA
Input signal1  AC79-240V  >0.06mA
Input Response Time Delay time at 0 to 1
120V AC Typ. 50 ms
240V AC Typ. 30 ms
Delay time at 1 to 0
120V AC Typ. 90 ms 
240V AC Typ.100 ms
Maximum counting frequency Typ. 4Hz
Sensor type Contact or 3-wire PNP
Isolation between power supply and inputs None
Isolation between inputs None
Protection against polarity inversions Yes
Output parameters:
Output No. 6 (Q1-Q6)
Output type  Relay output 
Max. Allowable Power Force(Resistive) CE: 10A,250V AC/DC30V
Electrical durability Expectancy 10Operations at Rated Resistive Load
Mechanical life 107 Operations at No Load condition
Response time Operate Time : 15 mSec. Max.
Release Time : 10 mSec. Max.
Built-in protections Against short-circuits: None
Against overvoltages and overloads: None
Switch frequency:
Mechanism  10Hz
Resistor/light load  2Hz
Sensitive load  0.5Hz
Other parameters:
Weight Approx.400g

Program language

FBD & Ladder

PR-18 Series CPU
Model Supply volt Inputs Outputs High-speed count PWM HMI RTC G.W(g)
PR-18AC-R AC110
12 Digital 6relays
 None NO YES YES 400g
PR-18DC-DA-R DC12V-DC24V 6 digital
+6 d
6 relays
 4 routes NO YES YES 400g
PR-18DC-DA-RT DC12V-DC24V 6 digital
+6 d
4 relays
4 routes YES YES YES 400g

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