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  • Supply volt: DC 12~24V
  • Inputs: 4 DI/AI(0~10V)+4 DI
  • Outputs: 4 DO(Transistors 0.3A)
  • Expansion: NO
PR-12 Series highlights at a glance:
Customizable Start-up page / screen 
4-line, 16-character configurable backlight display 
Modify parameters via Keypad panel without downloading new program
Various blocks’ different parameters can be displayed on one screen / page simultaneously
Randomly specify a specific page to display the IO status of the CPU
Alarm page can record and display the exact alarm occurrence time 
Programmable up to 64 (user defined) screens / pages 
Modbus RTU &ASCII protocol supported. 
Unit Size allows for DIN-rail mounting together with commonly used breakers in building automation applications
Retentive memory capability standard feature on the PR-12 model. 
It’s optional for xLogic to act as slave or master in Modbus RTU communication network.
Extra large program capacity (512 function blocks available)  
The ideal solution for simple automation tasks 
Minimizes costs - replaces many conventional switching control devices, 
Reduces time requirements – simplified wiring and panel layout, 
Saves much space in the switching cabinet - modules based on a 4 width industry standard dimension replace a wide variety of relays, timer switches and contactor relays 
Furnishes the widest range of capabilities and successful implementation of extensive applications with the option of selecting from 69 integrated functions and linking up to 256 of them in the user program. 
Operator control and monitoring are made very user-friendly by means of a 4 line, 16 characters per line, backlight display.
Additional external text display extends the possibilities for operator control and monitoring 
Password protection – Protects your engineering IP 
69 integrated, pre-tested functions – No additional devices, such as elapsed time counter, are required 
Linking of 512 functions is possible – Extensive applications can be implemented without restrictions 
Eight digital inputs (incl. four AIs at 12 / 24 V DC) and four digital outputs on board 
Display of message texts, action items and current values as well as direct modification of the values on the display 
Retentive data memory – Protects current values against loss in the event of a power failure
Together with the xLogicSoft software, configuring of the xLogic is simply intuitive: program generation, project simulation and documentation are accomplished using drag and drop functionality, allowing maximum ease of operation.

PR-12 Series CPU
Model Supply volt Inputs Outputs HMI RTC G.W(G)
PR-12AC-R AC110240V 8 DI 4 relays(10A) YES YES 300
PR-12DC-DA-R DC12V-DC24V 4 DI/AI(I1-I4) + 4 DI (I5-I8) 4 relays(10A) YES YES 300
PR-12DC-DA-TN DC12V-DC24V 4 DI/AI(I1-I4) + 4 DI (I5-I8) 4 transistors(PNP) YES YES 300

Timers  512
Counters  : 512
Function Blocks 512
Operation  temp. :-20℃-55℃ 
Storage :-40℃-70℃
Protection : IP20(Non-waterproof) 
RTC accuracy : MAX ±2S/day
RTC Backup at 25 °C 20 days
Program and settings Backup :10 years
Data Power-off retentivity 10 years
Dimensions  72*90*61 (Unit, mm)
Certificate : CE,C-UL,ROSH,REACH
Installation : 35mm-DIN rail or screw for installation
Modify parameters via keypad LCD
Password protection : 4-digit number password protection or disable program upload function
Communication interface : 1 Program/RS232 port ( TTL interface)
Communication protocol : Modbus RTU/ASCII
It’s optional for xLogic to be either slave or master in Modbus network.

Technical Index

Power supply:
Nominal voltage DC 12-24V
Operating limits  DC 10.8-28.8V
Immunity from micro power cuts Typ.5 ms 
Max. Startup current Max. 0.1A
Max. absorbed power 2 W (10.8V dc) ; 2.3 W (28.8V dc)
Protection against polarity inversions Yes
Input parameters:
Input No 8 ( I1-I4 )
Digital input  8 ( I1-I4 )
Analogue input  4 ( I1-I4)(0..10V DC)
Digital inputs( I5-I8 )
Input voltage DC0-28.8V
Input signal0  < 5V DC; <1mA
Input signal1  > 8 V DC;>1.7mA
Input current 2.3mA @ 10.8V dc
2.6mA @ 12.0 V dc
5.2 mA @ 24 V dc
6.3 mA @ 28.8 V dc
Response time  to 1 <1 ms to 0 <1 ms
Maximum counting frequency 60k Hz(I5--I8)
Sensor type Contact or 3-wire PNP
Input type Resistive
Isolation between power supply and inputs None
Isolation between inputs None
Inputs used as digital inputs( I1-I4 )
Input voltage DC0-28.8V
Input signal0  < 5V DC;<0.1mA
Input signal1  > 8 V DC;>0.3mA
Input current  0.4mA @ 10.8V dc
0.5mA @ 12.0 V dc
1.2mA @ 24 V dc
1.5mA @ 28.8 V dc
Response time  to 1 Typ. 1.5 ms to 0 Typ. 1.5 ms
Maximum counting frequency Typ.:4 HZ
Sensor type Contact or 3-wire PNP
Input type Resistive
Isolation between power supply and inputs None
Isolation between inputs None
Inputs used as analog inputs( I1-I4 )
Measurement range DC 0---10V
Input impedance Min, 24 ; Max. 72KΩ
Input voltage 28.8 V DC max
Resolution 10bit ,0.01V
Accuracy at 25 °C ± (Max.0.02)V
Accuracy at 55 °C ± (Max.0.04)V
Isolation between analog channel and power supply None
Cable length 10 m max.  shielded and twisted 
Output parameters:
Output No. 4 (Q1-Q4)
Output type  Transistor(PNP) 
Breaking voltage DC 5--30V
Nominal voltage ≤ Supply voltage
Nominal current Max. 0.3 A per channel
Max. breaking current 0.65 A
Voltage drop < 2 V   for I = 0.3 A (at state 1)
Response time Make ≤ 1 ms
Release ≤ 1 ms
Frequency (Hz) resistive load : 10 Hz    
inductive load : 0.5 Hz
Built-in protections Against overloads and short-circuits: No
Against overvoltages (*): No
Galvanic isolation None
PWM frequency 10K HZ
PWM cyclic ratio  to 100 %
PWM accuracy at 120Hz < 0.5 % (20 % ➞ 80 %) load at 10 mA
Max. Breaking current PWM 50 mA
Max. cable length PWM 20m
PWM accuracy at 500Hz 0.5% (20 % ➞ 80 %) load at 10 mA
Other parameters:
Weight Approx.300g

PR-12 Serires.jpg


Input(digital/DC0...10V) &
Output(transistor PNP)
PR-12DC-DA-TN-HMI_1.jpg          PR-12DC-DA-TN-HMI_2.jpg

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