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  • PR-12DC-DA-R-N

Small in size, Big in features

  • 8 input (Digital) 

  • 4 relay output

    -Relay output 10A(Max)

  • LCD Screen

    -I/O status,user configurable messages(up to 64) with dynamic data,FBD program monitor and controls.

    -Record on an alarm page and display the exact alarm occurrence time.

    -Parameters can be modified in the alarming message.

  • Keypad

    -With the programmable keys,you can reduce the number of used pushbuttons.

    -Modify parameters via keypad panel without downloading new program.

  • RS485 port 

    -Built-in RS485 port with galvanic isolation for connection of the PLC with Modbus networks.

    -Can work both as a master and as a slave device.

  • Ethernet port

    -The built-in Ethernet port allows you to upload/download programs to the PLC,configure it,take advantage of the built-in web server,connect to other devices and more.

    -The PLC can work as TCP server and TCP client at the same time,and also it can work as UDP server or UDP client as well.

  • Expansion port(up tp 16 modules)

    -A wide variety of expansion modules such as Digital I/O, Analog I/O and communication modules are avarilable to create the application you need.

  • Micro SD Card slot for data-logging

    -Data-logging is the process of collecting,in real time, determined process parameters such as conditions,values as well as the time that said information is collected,or noted.

  • MQTT protocol support

    -Pub/Sub messaging protocol typically used to connect hardware to the Cloud, No more need for inermediate Gateway devices.

Technical Index

Specific characteristics


I1--I4 :  4DI/AI (0--10V signal)    

I5--I8 :  4DI/HSI                                                    



( RELAY 10A 250VAC /5A 30VDC)


DC 12~24V


Approx. 300g


Without packing:  95mm*90mm*61mm

With packing:     107mm*96mm*73mm


YES(16PCS in max)


Processing characteristics

Program size function blocks (FBD)

512  function blocks 

Memory size function blocks (FBD)


LCD display

4 lines of 16 characters and configurable backlighting

Programming method

Function blocks

Program memory


Data Logging

4G TF Cord

Back-up time in the event of power failure


Program and settings in the controller: 10 years

Program and settings in the plug-in memory: 10 years

Data memory: 10 years

Cycle time

FBD:  typ. 0.6ms ~ 8.0ms      

Response time

Input acquisition time: + 1 to 2 cycle times

Clock data retention

25°C  typ. 20 days

Clock Drift

typ.   ± 2 s/day   

Timer block accuracy

time base :s(Second)  Resolution : +10 ms

time base :m(Minute)  Resolution:  +1 s   

time base :h(Hour)    Resolution:   +1 min

Start up time on power up

Typ. 4s


Nominal voltage

DC 24V

Operating limits

DC 20.4~28.8V

Supply frequency range


Max. absorbed power  

2.1W (10.8V dc)

2.8 W (28.8V dc)

Isolation voltage  



Input voltage


Input current

0.4mA ; 10.8V dc

0.5mA ; 12.0 V dc

1.2mA ; 24 V dc

1.5mA ; 28.8 V dc

 Resolution Ratio    (Analog Input)

0.01V  (0~10v)

Accuracy at 25 °C      (Analog Input)


Logic 1 voltage threshold

> 8 VDC;>0.3mA

Logic 0 voltage threshold

< 5 VDC;<0.1mA

Input Response Time

Delay time at 0 to 1

I1--I4:Typ. 2.5 ms

I5--I6:Typ. 1.5 ms

Delay time at 1 to 0

Typ. 1.5 ms

Maximum counting frequency

Typ.4 HZ;

HSI:  60kHZ(I5--I8)

Sensor type

Contact or 3-wire PNP

Input type



Rated voltage   

AC 250 V / DC 30 V

Rated current        

AC 250 V: 10 A

DC 30 V ; 5A

Electrical durability Expectancy

105 Operations at Rated Resistive Load

Mechanical life

107 Operations at No Load condition

Response time

Operate Time : 15 mSec. Max.

Release Time : 10 mSec. Max.

Frequency (Hz)

resistive load :  2 Hz    

inductive load :  0.5 Hz

Communication ports parameters:

COM0_TTL port

COM0 : optional RS232/RS485 (via accessories :RS232 CABLE/PRO-RS485)

Band Rate48009600192003840057600115200

Communication ProtocolMODBUS RTUMODBUS ASCII

Ext RS485

COM1: optional RS485 (Via PR-RS485 expansion module)

Band Rate4800960019200

Communication ProtocolMODBUS RTUMODBUS ASCII

Built-in RS485


COM2: Built-in RS485

Band Rate48009600192003840057600115200

Communication ProtocolMODBUS RTUMODBUS ASCII

Ethernet port:


1.Can be used as program or communication

2.Can be used as modbus master or slave 

Communication ProtocolMODBUS TCP RTU MODBUS RTU 

Monitoring webserver page


Program language

FBD & Ladder


1 xlogic works as tcp server can connect with 8 tcp client  xlogics or other tcp devices.


1 xlogic works as TCP clients can connect with 8 different tcp servers separately in maximum

Installation Dimension

PR-12DC-N 新尺寸图




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