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PC Scada Soft

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PC Scada soft overview:
Functions and features of easySCADA are as follows:
1. Complete functions.
easySCADA has complete functions,including basic shape drawing,coloring, text preparation, system picture library, animated display, bitmap status change,trend picture display, alarm control powerful functions such as dynamic circle, dynamic rectangle, meter,historical data collection. Designers can easily design schemes and configuration basing on their own requirements and characteristics of projects, and can achieve satisfactory effects.
2. Communication.
Easy Monitor provides drives for communication with PLCs project so fall.ELC and EXM series CPU via RS232, RS485,Ethernet/GPRS. Available protocol is MODBUS RTU/TCP.
3. Resources.
Easy Monitor provides abundant resources. The picture library of easy monitor includes 3D indicator light, 3D button, television, 3D tank, 3D pipe, electron, bars, and the like. In addition, many pictures are provided  with animation properties and can be used to design vivid animation. It also allows for user-defined  picture library and inserting pictures from Windows. easyMonitor also provides controls that have abundant functions, such as trend diagram and alarming controls and the like, meeting the requirements of various configurations.
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