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Telemetry Module- EXM series CPU is a device which incorporates functions of industrial PLC with integral LCD display, data logger connectivity and Modbus protocol converter which enriching it with robust wireless GSM/GPRS connectivity.  Ethernet and RS232,RS485 ports are optional powerful tools, allows communicating with other devices thus further expanding resources available to be used by user. With compact, robust design, integral GSM modem, attractive technical features and easy to use configuration tools.

It is a ideal device dedicated for remote monitoring, diagnostics and control of objects via short text messages (SMS), CLIP calls or e-mail. Configurable messages send from device with static (text) or 
dynamic (text and measured values) content are a convenient way of passing important information to the monitoring center, or directly to the defined phone numbers. SMS messages sending can be
 triggered by change of binary input state, reaching alarm thresholds, marker state change, counters and clocks. Multiple optional analog signals (0..10V DC) (0…20mA) ,(PT100) inputs built-in the
 module  or  expanded, make it possible to have direct connection of sensors, which lowers the cost of building system.
Hence, it can directly work with humidity sensors, water level sensor, pressure transducers, flow sensors, smoke,gas, motion, shock and noise detectors, etc.

Hence the EXM series module is an optimal solution for demanding wireless telemetry, control, diagnostic, surveillance and alarm systems

Highlights at a glance:

Ø Integral GSM 850/900/1800/1900 modem
Ø GPRS, SMS ,Email and CLIP support
Ø Parameters in the program changing by means of SMS via cell phone
Ø Autonomous login into GSM/GPRS network
Ø Different I/O configurations available
- 6DI/2DO, 8DI/4DO
- Analog inputs (DC0…10V,0/4..20mA,PT100)
- Expandable up to 40DI/36DO,36AI/36DO
- Expandable up to 16 PT100 inputs
Ø RTC, Timers and Counters, High speed input
Ø Event based transmission
Ø Remote configuration via GPRS and user friendly eSmsConfig software
Ø Firmware upgrade via serial port
Ø Configurable filtration for digital inputs
Ø Configurable output pulse width
Ø Access protection by password
Ø Diagnostic LEDs
Ø DIN rail/Wall mounting
Ø Max. 64 different short messages and voice alarms
Ø Max. 70 Unicode Characters in one short message
Ø Time-based and event-based SMS, Call-IN, Call-Out, Ring, voice
Ø IO status ,alarming message includes counters, analog values can be directly sent to Users
Retentive memory capability
Ø Default Real Time Clock (RTC)

Ø Backup at Real Time Clock (RTC) at 25 °C: 20 days
Ø Pre-configured standard functions, e.g. on/ off-delays, pulse  relay ,counters ,Watchdog function, PI controller etc..
Ø Logic functions-AND, OR, NOT, XOR……
Ø Standard configure soft& Customized soft(Function block diagram).
Ø Data logging ( optional accessory).
Ø 4-lines, 16-character per line, backlight display& keypad optional
Ø Standard Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP communication protocol supported.
Ø It’s optional for x-Messenger to act as slave or master in certain Modbus communication network.
Ø 1 RS232, 1RS485 ports available.
Ø Optional Ethernet Interface.
Ø 1 Audio output interface optional.

Model Supply Voltage Inputs Analog Input
Outputs SMS Voice
GPRS Ethernet G.W   (g)
EXM-8AC-R-HMI                110~240VAC 6 digital no 2 relay(10A) yes no yes no 500g
EXM-12DC-DA-R-HMI 12 ~ 24 VDC 4 digital/analog
+4 digital
4 DC (0..10V) 4 relay(10A) yes no yes no 500g
EXM-12DC-DAI-R-HMI 12 ~ 24 VDC 2 digital/analog(AI1,AI2)
+2 analog(AI3,AI4)+4 digital
2 (DC 0...10V)
 + 2 (0...20mA)
4 relay(10A) yes no yes no 500g
EXM-8DC-PT100-R-HMI 12 ~ 24 VDC 2 digital + 2 Channels PT100,
 tolerance :±0.5℃,
 temp range: -50℃-200℃
no 4 relay(10A) yes no yes No 500g
EXM-12DC-DA-R-N-HMI 12 ~ 24 VDC 4 digital/analog
+4 digital
4 DC (0..10V) 4 relay(10A) yes no yes yes 500g
EXM-12DC-DA-R-VN-HMI 12 ~ 24 VDC 4 digital/analog
+4 digital
4 DC (0..10V) 4 relay(10A) yes yes yes yes 500g


Timers  512
Counters  512
Function Blocks 512
Operation temp. -20℃-55℃ 
Storage temp :-40℃-70℃
Protection : IP20(Non-waterproof) 
RTC accuracy : MAX ±2S/day
RTC Backup at 25 °C 20 days
Program and settings Backup :10 years
Data Power-off retentivity 10 years
Dimensions :  95*90*67 (Unit, mm)
Certificate : CE
Installation : 35mm-DIN rail or screw for installation
Modify parameters via keypad LCD:  yes
Password protection : 4-digit number password protection or disable program upload function
Communication interface : 1 Program/RS232 port ( TTL interface
Communication protocol : Modbus RTU/ASCII
It’s optional for xLogic to be either slave or master in Modbus network.

Technical Index

Power supply:
Nominal voltage DC 12-24V
Operating limits  DC 10.8-28.8V
Immunity from micro power cuts  Typ.5 ms 
Max. Startup current Max. 0.5A
Max. absorbed power Normal: 3.3 W (10.8V dc) ; 3.8 W (28.8V dc)
Transient Current: Max. 1A (DC12V)
Protection against polarity inversions Yes
Input parameters:
Input No 8 ( I1-I8 )
Digital input  6 ( I1-I2,I5-I8 )
Analogue input  ( I1-I2)(0..10V DC) +2(I3-I4)(0/4...20mA)
Digital inputs( I5-I8 ) 
Input voltage  DC0-28.8V
Input signal0  < 5V DC; <1mA
Input signal1  > 8 V DC;>1.7mA
Input current 2.3mA @ 10.8V dc
2.6mA @ 12.0 V dc
5.2 mA @ 24 V dc
6.3 mA @ 28.8 V dc
Response time  to 1 <1 ms to 0 <1 ms
Maximum counting frequency 60k Hz(I7--I8)
Sensor type Contact or 3-wire PNP
Input type Resistive
Isolation between power supply and inputs None
Isolation between inputs None
Inputs used as digital inputs( I1-I2 )
Input voltage  DC0-28.8V
Input signal0  < 5V DC;<0.1mA
Input signal1  > 8 V DC;>0.3mA
Input current  0.4mA @ 10.8V dc
0.5mA @ 12.0 V dc
1.2mA @ 24 V dc
1.5mA @ 28.8 V dc
Response time  to 1 Typ. 1.5 ms to 0 Typ. 1.5 ms
Maximum counting frequency Typ.4 HZ
Sensor type Contact or 3-wire PNP
Input type Resistive
Isolation between power supply and inputs None
Isolation between inputs None
Inputs used as analog inputs( I1-I2 )
Measurement range DC 0---10V(I1-I2), 
Input impedance Min, 24 ; Max. 72KΩ
Input voltage 28.8 V DC max
Resolution 10bit ,0.01V
Accuracy at 25 °C ± (Max.0.02)V
Accuracy at 55 °C ± (Max.0.04)V
Isolation between analog channel and power supply None
Cable length 10 m max.  shielded and twisted 
Current input(I3-I4)
Measurement range 0/4...20mA(I3--I4)
Resolution 0.02mA
Accuracy at 25 °C 0.05mA
Cycle time for analog value generation Typ. 50 ms
Output parameters:
Output No. 4 (Q1-Q4)
Output type  4Relay output 
Continuous current Resistive load 10A/Inductive load 2A
Max. breaking voltage  AC 250 V DC 30 V
Max. Allowable Power Force 1250VA 300W
Electrical durability Expectancy 10Operations at Rated Resistive Load
Mechanical life 107 Operations at No Load condition
Response time Operate Time : 15 mSec. Max.
Release Time : 10 mSec. Max.
Built-in protections Against overloads and short-circuits: No
Against overvoltages (*): No
Galvanic isolation None
Switch frequency:
Mechanism  10Hz
Resistor/light load  2Hz
Sensitive load  0.5Hz
GSM parameter
Type of mobile wireless service SMS, GPRS
Operating frequency 850MHz,900MHz,1800MHz,1900MHz,
for GPRS transmission / with downlink /
for GPRS transmission / with uplink / maximum
80 kbit/s
40 kbit/s

Other parameters:
Ethernet interface No
Voice alarming No
Weight Approx.500g


EXM-12 Series

Wiring Diagram

EXM_12DC_DAI_R_1      EXM_12DC_DAI_R_2

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