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7. How to set the output and register value of xLogic CPU via ELC-MD204l ?

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How to set the output and register value of xLogic CPU via ELC-MD204l ?
              Communication parameter configuration in TP200 software(ELC-Md204L config soft).
PLC selection:
         A. Read input status
         Input status setting(I1)
         B .Read current value of registers including REGs( current value of blocks), AI(analog input values),AM ,AF(analog flags),AQ(analog output values).
         REG0  (register 1)
         C. Read output status (M, F status also can be read in the same way!)
         Q1 status
          D.Change the output status via ELC-MD204’s panel key.(Digital flag-F status also can be set in the same way)
          Change Q2 status via the button  of HMI (Note:the output block/F block cannot take part in the logic of xLogic program ,that means the input pin cannot be linked           with other blocks while programming ,just like following figure shows ,Q2 and F1 can be set via Master(ELC-MD204L) ,however Q1 can not be set via Master).

         E. Set register value via ELC-MD204L.
         Note: Register value means the current value of the block ,it’s not the parameter value in the dialog box.Next let’s take a counter as example.
The REG0 value is to show the current counter value of the block (B001) ,it’s not the value of “On Threshold”/”Off Threshold”.
Hereunder we take an example to show you how to set the “On Threshold”/”Off Threshold” Value.
We first shall make a programme in the xLogicsoft ,we can use the “reference” function and set AQ1 and AQ2 value and indirectly to change the “On Threshold”/”Off Threshold” value. 
Set AQ1 (the address configured in the below figure is for economic/ standard ELC-18)value via ELC-MD204L( AQ also can be replaced by AF in above figure)
Below is configuration in the  ELC-MD204L software
Set AQ2 value via ELC-MD204L

Note: Refer to the” Modbus communication instruction” file for the register address.

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